Welcome DigDesFab11 Class

This blog is intended to streamline our communication and serve as an exchange platform beyond the initial purpose as a Q&A Forum.
The weekly assignments will be posted along with helpful research information such as requirements and suggestions on relevant reading, scripting and tutorials advice. Everyone registered in this seminar will have full access to the blog content & layout. I will send you the administrative access info for your use, or feel free to add yourself as an user if needed.

This blog is a collaborative effort (including concept, content and layout) and should grow with input from anyone. As a starting point, please add immediately your presentations from Assignment 1 (including your names) by creating and layouting the necessary pages in StudentWorX, and update respective information in the Research area.

All other suggestions on content, layout and info to be shared is welcome, please share, use, remodel and feed this blog to become an open source mirror and archive of the winter semester class effort.