MIDTERM Requirements

Hi All

The Midterm Jury will discuss your projects on Wed 7.12 / 9-11am

Each one the four groups (see group list posted) should present for about 10-15min, then we will have 15-20 min of discussion. These are the requirements for your presentations:

1. Projected PPT/PDF

1.1 Give your Project a Name !
1.2 Reference Examples:
Show selected slides from the reference examples you analysed. You can choose relevant material from any of the material on the blog, even from other groups. The analysis phase is a collaborative effort.
1.3 Design module
Show and explain your module and the respective potential on geometrical modifications
1.4 Design shape (Pavilion Structure)
Show and explain your proposal for the overall shape composed by the modules. Define a scale for the structure (basic dimensions in meters).
1.5 Joints/Connections between Modules
Explain your joining strategy. You should test this in 1:1 models
1.6 Project Management
Each team should have three different persons selected by the group for:
Project Manager: responsible for overall development issues (time/costs/ressources, etc)
Design Manager: responsible for design issues (shape/virtual modelling/design qualities, etc)
Fabrication Manager: responsible for fabrication issues (material/joints/fab strategy, etc)
1.7 Statistics
In order to discuss fabrication feasability,each group should provide information on:
Number of modules
m2 of material to be used
total cost estimate of the material to be used
contact of a company (you should already get in touch with them / ask for delivery deadlines)
1.8 Additional Material
Diagrams/Analysis (Karamba, etc)
Imagery, etc

2. Physical Model

Each group should have a part (approx. 1x1x1m) of the pavilion structure built with the intended material (if not fibreC) in 1:1 scale. Here we should be able to judge the
2.1 Stability of the structure
2.2 Solution for the joints (structural and design quality)

As good reference, check the following book:
“Digital Fabrications” by Lisa Iwamoto

Presentation: Wed 7.12 / 9-11am in Sem A
Jury: Klaus Bollinger (parttime), Robert Neumayr, Bence Pap, Jörg Hugo



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