Visit of Rieder FibreC Production Facilities Friday 13th Jan 8:00-15:00

Hi All

As mentioned before the holidays, we will have the possibility to visit the Rieder Production Facility in Rosenheim-Kolbermoor/Germany on Friday the 13th. The exact address is: Bergstraße 3a | 83059 Kolbermoor.
The day will start with an introduction to the FibreC extrusion production machine at 8:00 and will end around 15:00. Their production line starts early around 8:00 and will end at 11:00, therefore we will have to be there in time at 8:00. You can either take the night train 23:56 from Vienna and arrive there right in time, or organize your team in groups/private cars. You can also stay there the night before.

Although everyone is welcome to join, this visit is voluntary, except for the “Surface” group, they will produce 4-6 test pieces with Rieder this day.
Besides a one hour introduction to the production line, it is thought as a work session for the teams who want to experiment with the FibreC material.

For the other groups, use your time and these rather quiet days to finalize your 1:1 pieces ! I will be in my office this week Wed morning, Thu + Fri afternoon and Mon + Tue morning next week. You should be very advanced in production next Wed morning on the 11th, we should see some large pieces already produced and assembled by then. Please contact me if you have questions/problems in the meantime.


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