Workspace 20.1-31.1 – EG15 /Vordere Zollamtsstr. 3

Hi All

You are quite lucky !
We got a “Project Space” (Room EG15 in the Angewandte Building on Vordere Zollamtsstr. 3) for you to finalize your models. You can work there anytime until the end of the month, check out the key from the portier (and return it !).
We have the room until the 31.1, after the final presentation you will have to leave it clean. It is large enough for everyone, and should be empty. I will try to organize some tables for to work on. Please DO NOT ruin them (with glue, cutter, etc).

Hope this helps with production, every group should have their models done for the final presentation on 31.1. ! Your structures will be exhibited in February and March most probably in the Lichthof B next to the main entrance.

Digital Fabrication Tipps:
1. – Please share among each other information about lasercutting facilities: Does someone have a membership for the HappyLab to help the “Turtle” group ? Other Laser are available at the Academy or TU
2. – Walter Schulz with Waterjetmachine for inexpensive metall cutting on Hamburgerstrasse in 1050 Wien for Group “Patrick”
3. is or has being doing a lot for the Angewandte. They should have a laser. Check it out

Best wishes, and good luck

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