Finally there…

Hi All

Congratulations on your studio finals.
The DigDesFab Final Presentation ist set for TUESDAY 31st January, 9am in the grey courtyard. The prospective Jury will be composed of Reiner Zettl, Robert Neumayr, Bernhard Sommer, Jörg Hugo, Georg Grasser.
Please be prepared on time to present your projects (there will be a projector set up) digitally and physically, check the requirements sent out last week. Here are some last comments for each group:

Paper Efflorescence:
good to go, full size model should be ready
Patrick (Tetrahedrons):
you need a good name.
your files HAVE TO BE LASERCUT out of metal Monday morning, assemble as many modules as possible till Tuesday morning.
no cardboard ! The more the jury sees of the finished full size metal model, the better.
Show your concepts, design attempts and experiments with Fibre C. Talk about success & failure. I will send you the photos from the Rosenheim session.
Good to go, full size lasercut model (HP Surface) should be ready. Hope it will stand.

This is my last post.
Check the Finals requirements on the blog. I will be there on Monday morning, let me know any questions/problems

Good luck

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