Workspace 20.1-31.1 – EG15 /Vordere Zollamtsstr. 3

Hi All

You are quite lucky !
We got a “Project Space” (Room EG15 in the Angewandte Building on Vordere Zollamtsstr. 3) for you to finalize your models. You can work there anytime until the end of the month, check out the key from the portier (and return it !).
We have the room until the 31.1, after the final presentation you will have to leave it clean. It is large enough for everyone, and should be empty. I will try to organize some tables for to work on. Please DO NOT ruin them (with glue, cutter, etc).

Hope this helps with production, every group should have their models done for the final presentation on 31.1. ! Your structures will be exhibited in February and March most probably in the Lichthof B next to the main entrance.

Digital Fabrication Tipps:
1. – Please share among each other information about lasercutting facilities: Does someone have a membership for the HappyLab to help the “Turtle” group ? Other Laser are available at the Academy or TU
2. – Walter Schulz with Waterjetmachine for inexpensive metall cutting on Hamburgerstrasse in 1050 Wien for Group “Patrick”
3. is or has being doing a lot for the Angewandte. They should have a laser. Check it out

Best wishes, and good luck

Visit of Rieder FibreC Production Facilities Friday 13th Jan 8:00-15:00

Hi All

As mentioned before the holidays, we will have the possibility to visit the Rieder Production Facility in Rosenheim-Kolbermoor/Germany on Friday the 13th. The exact address is: Bergstraße 3a | 83059 Kolbermoor.
The day will start with an introduction to the FibreC extrusion production machine at 8:00 and will end around 15:00. Their production line starts early around 8:00 and will end at 11:00, therefore we will have to be there in time at 8:00. You can either take the night train 23:56 from Vienna and arrive there right in time, or organize your team in groups/private cars. You can also stay there the night before.

Although everyone is welcome to join, this visit is voluntary, except for the “Surface” group, they will produce 4-6 test pieces with Rieder this day.
Besides a one hour introduction to the production line, it is thought as a work session for the teams who want to experiment with the FibreC material.

For the other groups, use your time and these rather quiet days to finalize your 1:1 pieces ! I will be in my office this week Wed morning, Thu + Fri afternoon and Mon + Tue morning next week. You should be very advanced in production next Wed morning on the 11th, we should see some large pieces already produced and assembled by then. Please contact me if you have questions/problems in the meantime.


jan: volumetric triangulation

i just made a GH/VB script populating a volume with tetrahedrons. it works completely automatically and there’s nothing to set. it provides sets of points, edges, face edges, faces, centres and skeletons for each single element. it’s far from being perfect, but it might be quite useful – and as far as i know, there’s nothing like that for GH yet.

download here

jan pernecky

MIDTERM tomorrow WED 9am in Sem A

Hi All

Please be on time tomorrow for the midterm presentation at 9am in Seminarraum A, we will have to finish on-time for the studio midterms. Bring all the necessary models (old&new) along with your PDF files in order to show the process of your work and the pavilion design proposal.

You will get feedback from Robert Neumayr, Bence Pap, Bernhard Sommer & Klaus Bollinger (parttime).

See you all tom

Groups & Requirements for 30. Nov.

Hi All

MIDTERM presentation (on 7.12) is approaching.
Wednesday 23.11 will serve as a preparation, see assignment 4 posted. Each group needs
1. a project name
2. a PDF showing images with the overall shape and modules geometry and gradation
3. a mockup approx. 1x1x1 m
Refer to assignment 4 for details

This is the group roster. Let me know if your name is not at the right place:

tomorrow-be on time-invited guest !

Hi All

Please be on time for the class tomorrow, because we will have to free up the space for the institute meeting at 11am.
Also, we will have an invited guest, Bence Pap from Studio Lynn to discuss your projects.
Each group should be able to talk/show/discuss about:

1. overall shape of the structure
2. module and gradation possibilities
3. material to be used

See you all tomorrow at 9am sharp !